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"Black Hole is one of the most important Australian documentaries produced in the last 34 years in this country. It covers environmental activism like no other film and covers one of our biggest challenges to Climate change; the export of coal."


- Prof. Peter Christoff - Climate Politics & Policy - University of Melbourne -

““Black Hole shows the Maules Creek farming community in NSW being overrun and bludgeoned by Whitehaven Coal, and its political, legal and corporate allies. This shocking documentary culminates in the nation of Australia's indifference to an Aboriginal boy's tears as his heritage is destroyed. The film is a rivetingwake-up on the vast and greedy forces overrunning Earth's ability to cope. Every Australian should see this film, not least Tony Abbott.”


- Bob Brown | Former Leader of the Australian Greens -

"This is possibly the best enviro documentary I've ever seen. It opened at the Environmental Film Festival Australia last night.

Absolutely inspiring and essential to see for anyone interested in protecting this country and the global climate."


- Eco Shout -

“In the four year history of the event, no film has ever received such an overwhelming response, complete with a 2 minute standing ovation!”


- Livia Cullen | Co-Director of Environmental Film Festival Australia -

"An amazing documentary! I found it really inspiring and educational. An issue which I had limited knowledge

about and now feel very strongly for. It was extremely well produced and very moving.Please watch!."


- Jayde Henshall -

"Just saw Black Hole the movie... Wow!!! Do yourself a favour.. go and see it!!!"


- Jocelyn Hammond -

"If you want to know the lengths corporations and their complicit governments will go to exploit our fossil fuel resources, find somewhere to see this film...if under a rock."


- Aaron White -

"When is the ABC going to screen the new documentary Black Hole ? I saw it last night with approximately 100 others in the Byron Bay cinema, but I am sure many more people would have loved to have seen it too. We had to travel for over an hour to get to the nearest screening of this very important film. The production is exceptional with great music and well produced. I am certain the mainstream Australian public would appreciate the ABC screening it. There has been interest from overseas media, so come on ABC beat them to it and present this outstanding doco to everyone."


- Megan Jack -

"Feeling very proud of you Dujon. Thank you so much for all your efforts to make 'Black Hole.' As heartbreaking as it was to watch last night in Byron, you pulled the story together brilliantly. You did my beautiful, brave friends on the front line justice in the film.

Tears in my eyes as I feel the courage right now of all the mob at FLAC, but mostly to my precious brother whom I adore, Murray Muzz Drechsler."


- Iris Ray Nunn -

"Thankyou, it was unforgettable and raw. As a citizen of the earth I am so greatful to the people who stood up with their bodies, harts and minds to oppose such shortsighted and pointless greed. This film takes the viewer into the rugged reality of front line activism. Although tears did flow the inspiration of watching the determination and spirit of these people oppose such might and greed is awe inspiring. Thanks - if you haven't watched it - it is a movie about the little man fronting up to the big giants - a must see for any Australian."


- Esmee Lane -

"Really enjoyed this - some good stuff about self-organising and organised chaos, and good insights into blockades west of the Great Divide. It shows the diversity, passion, intelligence, courage and perseverance of the historic first Australian blockade of a coal mine. Great footage of the Aboriginal owners' attempts to get some justice and observe their spiritual obligations as they struggle against an ignorant, uncaring corporation."


- Marty Branagan -

"Heart n mind blown by Epic film Black Hole by Dujon. Incredible sitting last night @ the Nova, feeling the sting of these monstrous mines upon our swallen landscape. Dujon nailed it... An intense journey these eArth warriors have, putting themselves on the line to create change. For all of us. Mind opening doco and must see for all."


- Lucinda Light -

"Was great to finally see Black Hole - Feature Documentary last night in Brisbane. A stirring and at times heartbreaking portrayal of one of the most important struggles in recent Australian history. Hope more people get the opportunity to see it."


- Clancy O'Clancy -

"Loved seeing this important Doco : not only poignant and emotionally moving but simultaneously empowering to further one's actions for our precious Earth, and with such sparkling clear and beautiful frames capturing the passion of the protectors & the beauty of the place - except for the Black Hole of course ....Maybe Byron Bay Film Festival would like to put it on the schedule next year."


- Ros Elliot -

"I had opportunity to see this intense and awareness raising documentary last night at its sold out Melbourne screening. Its no secret that the Australian Government has sold out its people and environment for the sake of corporate and person greed but to see the time line of this process so eloquently presented is heart breaking.

Massive respect to Dujon for creating this film and to all those on the front line protecting our future from the idiocy of our elected representatives. With the approval of the Carmichael Mine in the last 24 hours this film could not come at a more pivotal moment and I believe it is essential viewing for anyone who has any uncertainty about the relationship between Coal mining and the Australian Government."


- Tom Unsui-

"We went to see Black Hole - Feature Documentary tonight, and it's clear our government is letting us down. We still need to keep trying to get them to change their ways, however I also believe that we can do much more.


Let's mobilise our "people power" and make it happen - with or without the government's help."


- Kelly Andersen -

Black Hole should be mandatory viewing for every person, but particularly every politician in Australia.


The documentary spells out in no uncertain terms the criminal nature of Whitehaven Coal and the maules creek mine, from dodgy donations, false offsets and illegal clearing, to ongoing disrespect and contempt towards indigenous elders. It's clear beyond any reasonable doubt that this project causes immense suffering, to farms, the forest, the water table, the community and the climate.


Black Hole is not just a story of destruction though. It is also a story of hope and struggle born from resistance. Dujon lets us into the lives of those (extra)ordinary people, coming from all walks of life and from the world over to oppose the mine.

Their struggles, including police harassment, infiltrators and that famous ANZ press release all get a succinct round up. If you want to know about the pointy end of politics and environmentalism in Australia today, you need to see this film.


- Aidan Kempster -

"So intense and eye opening, I had no idea how much wrong was done below the surface of what we see when the trees have been cleared. Thank you for putting this together, every person who is/was a part of this movement is an inspiration. I hope you get the funds to spread this far and wide."


- Tania Panfilo -

"WOW. If you havn't already (from one cinema nerd to another) go find the time to see Black Hole - Feature Documentary. 


Joāo Dujon Pereira is such a great and beautiful person who has made a film that goes above normal conventions and expectations. He brings you into the harsh realities of the world with no filter. A great wake up call and call to action. You'll feel levels of anger to this world that you only dreamt off. But its good, because it fuels you to go out there and fight for what you believe.


Please do yourself a favour and go see this film. It deserves to be out there and it deserves to be watched by every person on this earth. I whole-heartedly believe this."


- Anissha Vijayan -

"Shocked & speechless. Every Australian should watch the movie Black Hole - Feature Documentary."


- Rachel Smith -

"Really loved this film at the Brisbane screening, thanks so much for opening our eyes!"


- Sarah Buckley -

"Great documentary. How do we get our politicians to sit down and watch it?


I have sent emails to Greg Hunt and Mike Baird requesting they watch it with their families and have a discussion about how to care for our country. I said I didn't want a written reply about "world's best practice..." but would love to hear from them after they have watched Black Hole."


- Lyndon Jacobi -

"This film changes the game. Not only in the cinema world, but across the board. The way this film has been envisioned, produced, shot and edited is amazing. We're breaking down the hierarchical structures (political, social, financial) that are suppressing communities all across Australia. This is on my MUST SEE movies for 2015."


- Peter Yacono -

"My partner and I were both deeply touched by this film. Whilst I was aware that corruption is rife in the industry, I don't think I had a full appreciation for just how dire the situation is.


Black Hole exposes the depravity of humanity that is evident when acquiring wealth is the primary motivation for their thoughtless actions, but it also shows us the absolute tenacity and beauty of the human spirit in the face of adversity, and the power that can be manifested when a group of amazing people with a common purpose come together to achieve good not only for each other, but for our wildlife and ultimately our planet."


- Mel Martag-

"A fantastic movie. Anyone who drinks water, eats australian grown food or breathes air should watch this movie to see the great work hundreds of activists have done to try and keep your water drinkable, your air breathable and your food on your table. A well made documentary with depth of scope and a plethora of viewpoints."


- Eris Ryan -

"Amazing film Dujon, and all the other people who have played a part in bringing this film to life. A story that needs to be told, and has been done so in such a powerful and engaging way. An emotional journey that will inspire many into action, and all into questioning the way in which we conduct our lives on our precious planet. Great cinematography. It is clear how much dedication has gone into making this documentary. Thankyou for bringing this story to the masses."


- Kerri Griggs -

"Awe inspiring. Tears and happiness. A movie about how little people can take massive acts of bravery and selflessness to stand up for the best interests of all Australians and the generations to come. I am so happy I watched it."


- Esmee Lane -

"Just saw this tonight at the Cameo. Powerful. So powerful. Such inspiration with 'protectors' and farmers and Goomeroi ... and the corruption in our political system laid bare. DO see it."


- Karen Alexander -

"Thank you for making this important and very interesting documentary. It's such a sad story and it's imperative that all Australians know about it, so we just have to keep sharing the information. I also want to say I loved the start - I've never seen such big eyes on screen before, all ages, all colours, all beautiful. Thanks to everyone involved."


- Jenny Leunig -

"That was a great experience. I learnt lots about corruption, infiltration and devastation while smiling and being pleased for the goodness of the human spirit. Thankyou"


- Nicole Cooney -

"It certainly was an eye-opening film. I just hope everyone takes the opportunity to see it. Congratulations to the film-maker, Dujon. He spoke to key people at the forefront of this community resistance. Fantastic footage."


- Anna Rose -

"This is a epoch making film that shows the real story of heroes who out of sheer necessity are willing to put their bodies on the line and against all odds are gradually winning and turning the world away from coal. Unmissable."


- Bec Horridge -

"This doco is so well done! It hits home because it showcases how people from all walks of life put their lives on hold to contribute in their own way and as part of a great and VERY UNUSUAL team to stop the craziness of large scale open-cut mining in part of our food bowl! Where else would you find this assembly of people working together? The negative part of the experience is to see how some people backstab their own community for ?????."


- Vera Banks -

"Just saw this doco as everyone should! Amazing but devastating! Must see for all Australians! This should be shown on ABC or SBS. Maybe Four Corners!"


- Pam Poole -

"I've just been to see the screening of Black Hole in Tamworth. This documentary needs to be shown as a Four Corners special event - all Australians need to know what is going on. Hats off to all the courageous people standing up against Whitehaven. I'm in awe of you all!!! Thank you"


- Michael Orman -

"So gritty. So real. This is the front line of the future. Ours, and hundreds of generations to come. Watch and be aware of the choice. Inaction and ignorance are the enemy."


- Adam F Blakester -

"We should all lobby ABC and SBS to screen on TV. Literally a stunning documentary, exposing myriad hypocrisies in Govt policy and (lack of) oversight. Well done to all involved."


- Jan Brahe -

"Thanks for an awesome documentary . I was really impressed at the end tonight when you mentioned about the miners and police being respected...they are just doing their job..... My son Inlaw works in the mines....he tried for eight years to get work here but could only get casual work that wasn't steady and with three kids to rear he just had to work....I worry about his safety and health and that of my grandkids in Mudgee..... They get sick a lot with chest infections and tummy bugs. My daughter tells me there is always tummy bugs going around....I am hoping they all move back here money is worth risking your health.I do hope whole communities see this film and get the big picture....."


- Louise Voltz Frare -

"I saw your movie tonight in Canberra and wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your awesome work. It brought me to tears on more than one occasion during the screening."


- Kerry Sattler -

"Thank you Dujon, it was an eye opening doc that has made me think further about how I can try and help fight this industry which is hell bent on destroying the land, the sacred sites of the Traditional Land Owners and peoples health and livelihood. The lack of care and concern by these mining Giants appalls me and the lack of care in the mining process is beyond belief. Today the people of Australia are governed by so many rules but obviously it is not relevant to these mining giants. Pay offs and bribes!


Thank you for your bravery in filming this MUST see Doc and sharing the story of the Australians affected directly by these corporations. All of Australia will suffer, I don't understand the mentality of the people running these businesses. They too have children that will not enjoy living on a toxic country with toxic food and water. Shameful and evil to say the least."


- Vicky Schilder -

"Awesome film Dujon - thanx for screening in Noosa. Would love it to come back here so more people can see it. Word spreads ! So sad, revealing and empowering regards the revolution of awareness. Thankyou for your role in that historical journey."


- Adhi Bail -

"Last night I saw the Sydney premiere of the acclaimed new indy doco Black Hole about the Maules Creek mine in rural NSW. Whitehaven Coal is destroying a unique and biodiverse public forest to excavate a big dark hole, fracturing local communities, bulldozing indigenous sacred sites and culture, sucking down the water table and threatening the productivity of the highly arable land around it.


Over the next thirty years, the yearly output of coal from the mine will disrupt the climate more than the total emissions of most countries, while poisoning and choking many thousands of people. Question marks remain over its allegedly corrupt approval, its shockingly inadequate biodiversity offsets, its court-confirmed lies, its illicit spying, its many breaches of approval conditions and the disproportionate policing and legal response between pro and anti mine parties.


This mine is an almost comprehensive illustration of the brokenness of our politics, our economic model, and our dominant cultural narratives. If an abomination like this can stand, what hope is there of addressing a host of less obvious injustices?On the other hand, the campaign to save the Leard forest illustrates the potential for creative, courageous action to bridge social divides and re-imagine a common future. Bringing together life-long Coalition members with those who think the Greens have sold out, local indigenous elders with Pacific Islanders fighting to save their homes from rising seas, farmers with ferals and faith leaders, more than a dozen groups with combined membership in the millions have worked to highlight and address the fundamental injustices of the situation, using tactics from traditional lobbying, the courts and parliamentary inquiries, through to (as a last resort) more than 320 people (over 350 arrests) defending the forest with their bodies and (largely) clean legal records.


How does one capture all that on film in a couple of hours, while allowing the story to be told entirely in the voices of participants without heavy-handed narration? The temptation for most directors would have been to simplify, to streamline the narrative down to a handful of angles, to adopt a univocal perspective to make a readily digestible message for audiences. But Joāo Dujon Pereira hasn't taken that path. 


This is uncomfortable viewing, without easy answers offered or false hope promised. The complexities and contradictions of the situation lie exposed in their raw brutality and head-shaking irrationality. The narrative unfolds in the words of people largely untrained in delivering palatable soundbites, yet their grief, frustration and urgency are palpable.


I have not been an idle onlooker to these events. It was a peculiar experience to become an audience, an observer of familiar faces and places: a farm in which I've been welcomed, a shed where I've debated the ethics and practice of non-violence, an iconic forest filled with security guards and bulldozers, and throughout it all a great big dirty dusty and dark hole.What have we dug ourselves into?"


- Byron Smith -

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